Brands like Patagonia—7 stylish outdoor clothing brands to know about

Patagonia ist berühmt für seine hochwertige Kleidung und seine ethischen Standards, aber wussten Sie, dass es viele Marken wie Patagonia gibt, die es wert sind, auf Ihrem Radar zu stehen.  charismaticthings Als Pioniere auf dem Markt für Outdoor-Bekleidung hat Patagonia sicherlich den Weg für praktische und stylische Ausrüstung geebnet, die umweltfreundlicher ist und sie zu einer der besten Marken für nachhaltige Bekleidung macht. Equal, ob Sie nach der besten wasserdichten Jacke, den wärmsten Leggings oder einigen der besten Wanderschuhe suchen, es gibt keinen Mangel an Outdoor-Marken, die strapazierfähige Outdoor-Kleidung und Accessoires mit einem Hauch von Stil anbieten. Vom Wandern in der Natur bis zum Skifahren auf bestimmten Pisten und all Ihren sportlichen Bedürfnissen bieten diese Marken auch jede Menge alltäglicher Kleidungsstücke.  magoda Ähnlich wie die amerikanische Bekleidungsmarke Patagonia haben unsere Alternativen starke Nachhaltigkeitsmerkmale, sodass Sie die Natur

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It’s Champion too that asserts the invention of the hoodie, within the early 1930s. To america the obvious, the hoodie furnished the equal advantages because the sweatshirt: the cosseting weight of heavy-gauge cotton, further to the natural breathability, wicking and rapid-drying traits of the fabric; the sturdiness; the improving with age – however introduced the head overlaying, an idea which have been desired with the useful resource of way of monks for millennia, and which became commonplace in menswear going lower returned to medieval times.

The hood protected athletes when they have been on the sidelines or after their hard paintings – supporting them loosen up without doing so too all at once. But this software moreover saw the hoodie (a name that came to be drastically used best a outstanding deal later) speedy grow to be a move-to garment for lots exposed to the factors but looking to pass freely, like building internet web page labourers, tree surgeons, truly each person taking walks in cold storage areas or, for that depend, damage dancers.

Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘Enter the Wu-Tang Clan (36 Chambers)’ Album Cover

Or graffiti artists – their efforts illegal and so warranting the anonymity. Or skate boarders – who additionally benefited from having their faces covered for the identical reasons. Or muggers. No, carrying a hoodie to cowl the face isn’t a present day idea the least bit – at tons the identical time as hip-hop turned into first embracing the hoodie, at some point of the mid 1970s, so too have been “stick-up kids” at hip-hop gigs, organized to alleviate the diverse crowd of their gold chains. As the creepy cowl of the Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘Enter the Wu-Tang Clan (36 Chambers)’ in all likelihood drives domestic, the hoodie has constantly had a touch of the outlaw to it.

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